Grapefruit Peach Low Mint


An interesting spin on a soda-flavored vape, this incredible grapefruit and
peach blend will soon be your customer?s next favorite vape.

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ELEMNT is a new line of e-liquid with mouth watering flavors. ELEMNT Grapefruit Peach Low Mint ? carefully blends the delicious flavoring of grapefruit and peach to deliver an all day fruity vape! Keeping the flavor from beginning to end. Grapefruit Peach low Mint e-Juice by ELEMNT brings fruity vapes to another new level making it a truly refreshing, typically Canadian all-day-vape that will leave you salivating . It is made utilizing the strictest quality control and with 100% Canadian sourced ingredients. ELEMNT Grapefruit Peach Low Mint comes in 60ml bottle, and are available in 3mg/ml ,6 mg/ml strengths .

ELEMNT Grapefruit Peach Low Mint 60ml-FreeBase
e-Liquid Size

3mg/ml, 6mg/ml


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