01 Elemnt Eliquids Canada's Premium Quality E-liquids
100% Organically sourced
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01 NicSalt & Freebase FREEBASE

3mg, 6mg. 12mg


12mg, 24mg, 50mg
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03 Mountain mint A refreshing cool minty vape that will take you to new heights.
A peppermint, menthol mix with a secret fruity kick.
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04 Blueberry twist Light sugar water over bursting blueberries with sharp kiwi slices. Order Now 05 Passion Ting Aromatic, sweet and tart, exotic, passion fruit bowl. Order Now 06 Grape Berry Mint This cool, refreshing soda vape is super flavorful. Balanced with grape and berry
tones, your customers will keep coming back for more.
07 lemon tart This lemon dessert flavor is your next all-day vape! Expertly blended and balanced with a crisp, buttery crust and sweet, tart lemon filling. View 08 4 berry A formidable, sweet and tart 4 berry blend, frosted, for a hint of cool View 09 Raspberry apple Chilled, sweet, succulent raspberries, with a tart burst of apple. View 10 Pineapple lime mint Another favorite of the soda flavors, this refreshing lime pineapple
blend will be a hit all year round bringing beach vibes with every pull.
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09 Blue Razz Sweet, tart, berry blend, bursting with BLUE. Order Now 10 Major Mango The worlds finest silky, sugary, tropical mango flesh. Order Now 11 Black Currant Iced This refreshing black currant blend will be a hit with your low-mint lovers!
We’ve perfectly crafted this sweet and sour flavour with a refreshing cooling
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11 Peach Raspberry Sweet and juicy, this fruit medley will bring you summer vibes all year round.
Fresh, ripe peaches blended with sweet raspberries and mixed with a heavy
topping of sugar.
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12 Paan A unique flavour, Paan is incredibly famous in Asian Countries Order Now 08 Double 2x Mint Enjoy the refreshing taste of Doublemint gum Order Now
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